Powerful Tools for Caregivers Program Transitions to Iowa State University

July 8, 2021, 9:00 am | Donna Donald, Susan DeBlieck

powerful tools for caregivers logoAMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is hosting a launch party Thursday, July 15 to celebrate the transition of the internationally recognized Powerful Tools for Caregivers program to Iowa State University leadership.

The launch party will take place virtually at 1 p.m. on Zoom (register for the Zoom link here: https://iastate.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcldO6rrTgiGdAiaWtu3FTfLyl_eIXUK9hc). Anyone interested in this evidence-based program is encouraged to join.

Since 1998, the Powerful Tools for Caregivers program has supported family caregivers through curricula and train-the-trainer workshops focused on providing education and tools for caregiver self-care. ISU Extension and Outreach human sciences specialists have worked collaboratively for 23 years with the Powerful Tools for Caregivers team, based in Portland, Oregon, to train 35 organizations and more than 260 leaders in Iowa and other states to provide the program. Currently, more than 50 class leader trainings are offered throughout the United States yearly, and 4,600 individuals are certified class leaders in 40 states, Canada and Korea.

“It is exciting that ISU Extension and Outreach is going from being a partner and source of training and classes for caregivers to the lead of Powerful Tools for Caregivers. We will build on existing research and manage materials for the program,” said Donna Donald, a human sciences specialist assisting with the transition of the program.

“Nearly one in five Americans provides care for someone with health or functional needs,” added Susan DeBlieck, the extension program specialist overseeing the program at Iowa State University.  “While caregiving is rewarding, it can lead to worsened physical and mental health. This program empowers participants to more effectively handle caregiving challenges.”

The launch party will celebrate the legacy of the program and provide information about how to become a participant or class leader to provide caregiver support in local communities.

To learn more about Powerful Tools for Caregivers, go to https://www.powerfultoolsforcaregivers.org/ or email Susan DeBlieck at deblieck@iastate.edu.

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