Pond Management Videos Available through ISU Extension and Outreach

Guided videos discuss ponds and plants as well as fish stocking

November 14, 2016, 11:15 am | Allen Pattillo

AMES, Iowa – Iowa pond owners have available to them a series of three video lectures designed to provide pond management strategies. Developed by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, the videos,  in conjunction with other fisheries publications, provide a basis for pond owners to understand and manage their ponds effectively.

The videos are hosted by D. Allen Pattillo, fisheries specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach.

“Building a pond the right way the first time is very important,” said Pattillo. “Trying to control plants in ponds using herbicide alone doesn’t kill the problem, it just addresses the symptoms. Plants are a good thing in ponds; they are necessary elements of the environment and ecosystem while offering a critical habitat for fish. They are a good thing but when you have too many they have to be managed.”

Pond ManagementIntro Guide to Pond Management (FA 0011)
Ponds are highly valued for aesthetics, recreation and a variety of other purposes. Managing ponds for their intended purpose is rewarding, but can be challenging. This video gives an introduction to the complex natural processes that affect the chemical, physical, and biological components of a pond and techniques for managing them.

Aquatic Plant Management (FA 0012)
Iowa is blessed with highly productive soils, but those nutrients can cause excessive plant growth in ponds. This video provides successful strategies for managing aquatic plants for a variety of land-use purposes.

Fish Stocking Guide for Iowa Ponds (FA 0013) 
Healthy fish populations start at stocking. From the basic bass-bluegill-catfish stocking recipe to more diverse species combinations, this video describes ways to maintain healthy fish populations for a pleasurable recreational pond experience.

Additional ISU Extension and Outreach ponds and fisheries publications can be found through the Extension Store. 

For more information about pond construction and management, contact Pattillo at 515-294-8616 or pattillo@iastate.edu.

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