New Scientific Coloring Books Available through ISU Extension Store

Coloring books offer education activity for youth and parents.

April 22, 2020, 11:43 am | Maya Hayslett

Bailey the bee coloring pagesAMES, Iowa – Two new coloring books are now available through the Iowa State University Extension Store. Titled “Bailey the Bee,” and “Ava Visits the Apple Orchard,” these free books offer fun, colorable illustrations, while also telling educational and scientific stories about pollinators and apple orchards.

Production of these guides was made possible through a partnership between the ISU Integrated Pest Management program and the 4-H Youth Development program. Both publications were developed by Iowa State students Carli Erickson (Welcome to Class podcast) and Emily Poss. Erickson wrote the narrative stories for both books, while Poss designed the illustrations.

“Given these unprecedented times in the wake of COVID-19, these coloring books offer a unique educational activity for youth and parents,” said Maya Hayslett, crop sciences youth education specialist. “Youth can take part in active learning through coloring, while at the same time following the stories of how pollinators help their gardens, as well as how the apples they eat arrive at their supermarkets.”

“Bailey the Bee” teaches youth about native bees with fun illustrations of flowers, bees and crops, while “Ava Visits the Apple Orchard” follows Ava as she visits a farm and asks the farmer how the apples are grown. As Ava learns about the farm, she sees how pests can damage crops and why it is important to keep crops healthy. These coloring books are for youth in grades kindergarten through third grade and are a fun way for youth to learn more about where their food comes from.

Photo caption: “Bailey the Bee” is one of two new coloring story books available on the ISU Extension Store. These coloring books use active learning to educate youth about pollinator health and the journey of an apple in an apple orchard.


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