Nelson Named Assistant Vice President for County Services

December 9, 2019, 1:55 pm | John D. Lawrence, Andrea Nelson, Laura Sternweis

Andrea Nelson.AMES, Iowa – Andrea Nelson has been named assistant vice president for county services with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach effective Dec. 9.

She has been serving as the interim assistant vice president for county services since July 1.

“Andrea brings great experience, leadership and collaboration skills to this position,” said John Lawrence, Iowa State’s vice president for extension and outreach. “We value how she is able to take on any role in our organization and quickly get to work.”

Before serving as interim assistant vice president, Nelson served 11 months as interim 4-H youth development state program leader. She also has served in a variety of leadership roles with ISU Extension and Outreach in Polk County and Region 13. She joined ISU Extension and Outreach in 2001.

“Andrea has years of experience in building working relationships with individuals and groups inside and outside of ISU Extension and Outreach. She has experience with both urban and rural counties and has served on numerous state committees,” Lawrence noted.

ISU Extension and Outreach County Services provides Iowa State University support, expertise and resources for county-based educational extension programs throughout the state.

Iowa’s 99 counties are home to 100 county extension offices (Pottawattamie has two, for the east and west portions of the county). Each of these 100 extension districts is served by an elected, nine-member county extension council. The county services unit works with these elected officials who determine local programming and communicates the needs of Iowans back to the university to help shape research and program priorities.

“Andrea understands our organization and our commitment to serving Iowans. She is well equipped to lead our county services unit as we move forward,” Lawrence said.


[PHOTO] Andrea Nelson

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