Matchan Named Program Specialist with Iowa Pork Industry Center

New program specialist brings years of experience to Iowa Pork Industry Center

September 9, 2020, 7:48 am | Sherry Hoyer, Stacie Matchan

Stacie Matchan.AMES, Iowa – As the newest staff member of the Iowa Pork Industry Center, Stacie Matchan said becoming an extension program specialist earlier this summer was both a great fit and exciting next step.

“For almost seven years prior to starting this position, I was research manager for the applied swine nutrition program with professor John Patience,” she said. “I have a pretty extensive background in research, planning and administration at Iowa State, which set me up to be successful in this position.”

John Patience, animal science professor at Iowa State University, is planning to retire. At the same time, Matchan said she was looking for a new opportunity that would build on her existing relationships in the swine industry, allow her to continue working with research and maintain a direct connection to her alma mater. She received a bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State in 2012.

In this role, she will be responsible for coordinating conferences and webinars, handling center finances, and helping develop a new research program. She views her experience, including working for Annette O’Connor, professor in the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine in Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, as valuable preparation.

“It was important to me to find a position that would be stimulating and challenging, and also enjoyable,” she said. “When I read this job description, it felt like I found the perfect natural fit.”

Matchan has been involved with the Iowa Swine Day program throughout her time with Patience, with registration and related conference-day activities. Now, however, coordination of the event largely will be her responsibility.

“Getting to think of ideas on how to make this an even better and more desirable conference, is something that excites me,” she said. “I don’t yet know what those ideas will be, and surely COVID-19 will have something to say about them, but the idea that I have input on something already so successful excites me.”

If you don’t already know her, be prepared to meet Matchan soon.

“We already have an amazing team doing outstanding things, and I only hope that I can make it a fraction better,” she said. “It is my hope that through our outreach via conferences, research and education material, we are able to assist producers with real time issues.”

IPIC director Jason Ross said Matchan’s years of experience in project management and applied research are a great benefit in helping deliver on the research and outreach objectives of the center.

“She did a tremendous job taking over the responsibilities of Iowa Swine Day this summer in what turned out to be a pretty unique year given that we had to deliver the program virtually,” he said. “Stacie also has a strong familiarity with many of the university’s financial processes and that knowledge helps our group to function efficiently and effectively.”

Matchan can be contacted by email at or by phone at 402-812-1103.

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