Local Food Leader Certification to Be Offered This Fall

Topics include equity in food systems, working in food systems, facilitation and more

August 17, 2022, 3:30 pm | Kaley Hohenshell

AMES, Iowa — Food systems practitioners nationwide can ramp up their skills by enrolling in the Community Food Systems training and certification, offered entirely online by the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Farm, Food and Enterprise Development Program. This certification includes cohort workshops hosted through Zoom and online curricula through Moodle.

The Fall 2022 online workshop series begins on Sept. 29 and ends Feb. 2, 2023; registration closes Sept. 15, 2022.

Local food leader logo.The Local Food Leader Certification teaches foundational competencies critical for successful food systems development through integrated virtual workshops and four online modules. The workshop includes topic areas of equity in food systems, working in food systems, facilitation and coordination, evaluation and professional development. The online modules offer intensive curriculum including community food systems overview, methods of engagement and leadership, creating teams and tools for success, and evaluation.

There are two options for completing this course:

  1. LFL 101: Seven virtual workshop sessions over the course of four months. Cost is $100. Register at https://store.extension.iastate.edu/product/16276
  2. LFL 201: Seven virtual workshop sessions over the course of four months + access to four online modules. Cost is $375. Register at https://store.extension.iastate.edu/product/15887

Past participants have described the program as “a wonderful opportunity to engage with the fundamentals of food systems. … More than understanding concepts, this certification was an open space to refine leadership and communication skills.”

Those who successfully finish the course will receive a certificate of completion. Limited scholarships are available. Fill out a scholarship form at https://www.extension.iastate.edu/ffed/wp-content/uploads/LFL-Scholarship-Application_2022.pdf.

More information about this and other online food systems certification courses is available online.

Note: Those who have completed this certification are qualified to register for a one-day Local Food Leader Train-the-Trainer workshop in early 2023.

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