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The design and layout of new practices currently being considered for water quality improvements of farmland drainage will be the focus of a workshop scheduled for Dec. 14 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

By: Kapil Arora and Linda Cline

After attending the “Planning to Take Action against Opioids in Your Community” workshop in Ames on Sept. 12, community leaders from 30 Iowa counties are returning home equipped to reach various age groups with substance misuse prevention programming.

By: Barb Wollan and Joyce Lash and Linda Cline and Laura Beyenhof

New farmland drainage practices for water quality improvement will be the focus of a workshop Dec. 18 in Fort Dodge. Participants will learn essential information for designing and planning new water quality practices, such as bioreactors, control structures, saturated buffers and wetlands.

By: Kapil Arora and Linda Cline