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The Iowa State University Extension Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic (ISU-PIDC) and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship confirmed that a single dead specimen of the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), Halyomorpha halys, was recently collected in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and submitted to ISU PIDC for diagnosis.

By: Laura Jesse Iles and Willy Klein

Entomologists at Iowa State University have confirmed that Scott County has the first breeding infestations of brown marmorated stink bugs reported in Iowa.

By: Laura Jesse Iles and Donald Lewis and Erin Hodgson and Duane Gissel

The Iowa State University Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic can help Iowans identify the mushrooms growing in their backyards and elsewhere, but cannot say whether they’re safe to eat. Multiple factors may contribute to wild fungi being potentially poisonous, most of which are beyond the control of the experts who identify the specimens brought into the clinic.

By: Laura Jesse Iles and Laura Sternweis

The revised publication includes the life stages affected by systemic insecticides, two new professional products and proper use to protect insect pollinators. It also highlights two pesticides that protect the ash tree for two years.

By: Mark Shour and Laura Jesse Iles

Flowers that provide pollen and nectar are great additions to any garden and are a huge benefit to butterflies and bees. Learn how to turn a sunny corner of the yard into a place that attracts butterflies and pollinators.

By: Laura Jesse Iles and Nathan Brockman

Attracting insects such as butterflies or bees is a simple process that can add beauty to any outdoor space. Extension and Outreach has resources for homeowners wanting to attract pollinators.

By: Laura Jesse Iles and Jesse Randall

Four extension specialists are highlighted in the video “Managing Weeds, Insects and Diseases." They show how they are working to keep pests from harming Iowa farmers.

By: Erin Hodgson and Alison Robertson and Robert Hartzler and Laura Jesse Iles

It is now simpler for Iowans to submit insects and plants for identification and diseases for diagnosis.

By: Laura Jesse Iles

An invasive species of earthworm was recently confirmed in Dubuque and Muscatine counties by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach specialists in entomology and nematology. This species of earthworm, commonly known as jumping worm, was not known to reside in Iowa habitats until now, although it has been confirmed in nearby states.

By: Laura Jesse Iles and Donald Lewis new, updated guide has been added to the ISU Extension Store. “Insect Galls on Trees and Shrubs” (ENT 0039) has been revised by extension entomologists, complete with color photos and descriptions.

By: Laura Jesse Iles