'Just in Time Parenting' Helps Parents Better Understand Children

March 28, 2016, 11:55 am | Kimberly Greder, Kendall Evans

Just in Time ParentingAMES, Iowa – Parenting is an important and sometimes scary job, especially for new parents. The “Just in Time Parenting” newsletter is there to help parents understand their children’s development and provides other helpful information and tips.

 “Just in Time Parenting” is a free newsletter available via email by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. It focuses on providing parents with reliable, researched-based information to help children grow well mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. The newsletter is sent out via email or text automatically every month, and is based on the age of the child, said Kimberly Greder, an associate professor and extension specialist in human development and family studies at Iowa State.

“We are helping parents be the best parents they can be,” said Greder, “by providing them with information and tips that science tells us work to help children grow well.”

This national newsletter is currently benefitting about 500 parents in Iowa and many more parents across the nation. A Spanish option of the “Just in Time Parenting” newsletter also is available to download as PDF files from the “Just in Time Parenting” website.

Information found in this newsletter touches on a variety of subjects like feeding children healthful foods, helping children develop small and large motor skills through play, promoting language skills and parent-child relationships, creating a safe home environment and financially planning for a child’s future. Parents can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Benefits parents have reported from receiving the “Just in Time Parenting” newsletter include increasing understanding of simple things they can do at home to promote their children’s development and becoming aware of strategies to help guide their children’s behavior, which led to a decrease in spanking by parents, said Greder.

“ISU Extension and Outreach and Extension and Outreach across the country, historically has provided information about growth and development in children, positive parents and child interaction, and how to create strong families,” said Greder. “’Just in Time Parenting’ provides doable and simple strategies that promote healthy growth development for parents to incorporate in their everyday lives.”

Parents are given tools and information through this newsletter to help their children succeed. “Just in Time Parenting” is an easy-to-read resource that comes directly to the parent every month with information and strategies only related to the current age of the child.

“’Just in Time Parenting’ is benefitting parents by being  fun, free and researched-based. It addresses timely topics about growth and development of children and parents and is all about education,” said Greder.

For more information or to subscribe to the ‘Just in Time Parenting’ newsletter visit https://jitp.info.

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