Iowans Can 'Spend Smart. Eat Smart.' in Challenging Times

March 25, 2020, 8:57 am | Katy Moscoso, Christine Hradek

mom with daughters chopping vegetables in home kitchen by Oksana Kuzmina/, Iowa – With rapidly changing conditions across the country due to COVID-19, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach can help Iowans "Spend Smart. Eat Smart."  and stay healthy in these unique circumstances. As businesses continue to close and many individuals are being prompted to work remotely and practice social distancing, Spend Smart. Eat Smart. at has resources to help address many of these challenges.

"More Iowans are cooking at home. For some this is a change in routine and may cause stress," says program specialist Katy Moscoso.

"Turn to Spend Smart. Eat Smart. to find easy, healthy recipes that rely on pantry staples. Meal planning can be helpful to create a weekly or monthly plan to use a variety of items in the pantry, fridge and freezer. Not only can meal planning save money and reduce food waste, but it will also reduce grocery store visits," Moscoso said.

"With businesses and schools closing, one of the biggest challenges that many are facing is being without childcare. Spend Smart. Eat Smart. can be a great resource to find activities to do as a family," Moscoso said. Whether preparing a new snack or meal together or working out to one of the physical activity videos to increase movement during the day, individuals can find fun and engaging ways to move and learn together. Moscoso suggests exploring the following to find something valuable for your family:

"Supporting your own wellness is crucial during times of uncertainty. Look to Spend Smart. Eat Smart. for resources on how to stay physically active, save money while food shopping, decrease food waste and prepare healthy recipes. These habits can promote your financial and physical wellbeing," Moscoso said.

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About Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

Spend Smart. Eat Smart. is a valuable resource regularly updated by a work team with ISU Extension and Outreach. This research based, multi-media resource can be accessed from desktop computers as well as mobile devices. The Spend Smart. Eat Smart. webpage is available for translation into 160+ languages. This free resource has many videos, web resources and tips on topics ranging from the importance of staying physically active to preparing healthy recipes at home.

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