Iowa 4-H Youth Displayed Projects at the 2022 Iowa State Fair

September 16, 2022, 10:30 am | Elizabeth Settles Huffman, Gail Castillo

4-H youth exhibits at 2022 Iowa State Fair.Corrected on Sept. 16; originally published Sept. 12, 2022.

AMES, Iowa – Over 3,100 static 4-H exhibits created by 2,332 youth exhibitors were displayed in the Bruce L. Rastetter 4-H Exhibits Building at the 2022 Iowa State Fair.

Youth showcased cumulative learning projects in the areas of agriculture and natural resources; food and nutrition; home improvement; consumer management; child development; science, engineering, and technology; visual arts; photography; personal development; clothing and fashion; and sewing and needle arts.

“Each exhibit is an outgrowth of year-long project area work done by the 4-H member,” said Mitchell Hoyer, assistant director, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H Youth Development. “The exhibits displayed at the Iowa State Fair celebrate the educational and personal accomplishments of our Iowa 4-H members and are a way for them to share what they’ve learned with the public.”

Top certificates and awards

The following Iowa 4-H youth, listed by county, received top certificates or awards for their exhibits.

Visual Arts Judge’s Choice Award

  • Leah Casey, Polk.
  • Madison Geater, Story.
  • Karah Hayes, Webster.
  • Lillian Giddings, Buchanan.
  • Harley Eckert, Webster.
  • Chloe Wagner, Plymouth.
  • Amanda Esche, Madison.
  • Addison Wicklund, Winneshiek.
  • Maguire Neumann, Ida.
  • Cora Volp, Polk.

Food and Nutrition, Health and Other Family Consumer Sciences Judge’s Choice Award

  • Tessa Treirweiler, Plymouth.
  • Mackenzie Schram, Plymouth.
  • Katelyn Beenken, Hancock.
  • Carlee Cremeens, Iowa.
  • Ashley Westering, Calhoun.
  • Caitlin Duede, East Pottawattamie.
  • Eliza Bell, Marshall.
  • Elliana Forsyth, Franklin.
  • Luke Boyle, Dubuque.
  • Jackson Deppe, Madison.
  • Emily Newby, West Pottawattamie.
  • Kaydi Zoske, Hardin.

Outstanding Sewn Item

  • Madison Dohlman, Franklin.
  • Sophia Macro, Polk.
  • Majesta Vos, Jasper.
  • Kolby Oldenkamp, Sioux.
  • Deegan Dirkx, Story.
  • Kennedy Malloy, Polk.
  • Laura Steinkamp, Sac.
  • Lorelei Rieken, Jones.
  • Kirstyn Kolbet, Delaware.
  • Fisher Paulsen, Black Hawk.
  • Ellyse Holubar, Johnson.
  • Reef Lankford, Sac.
  • Maci Cook, Delaware.
  • Ava Kerns, Clayton.
  • Emma Preston, Emmet.
  • Brody Minster, Des Moines.
  • Alyson Ball, Plymouth.
  • Paige Melohn, Pocahontas.

Professional Photographers of Iowa Gallery Award

  • Amber Ragaller, Crawford.
  • Erin Barnes, Boone.
  • Bridger Tack, Linn.
  • Reese Wagner, Story.
  • Cael Mess, Scott.
  • Evelyn Gehring, Linn.
  • Avary Helmrichs, Iowa.
  • Logan Vittetoe, Johnson.
  • Tate Travis, Louisa.
  • Ella Lewis, Johnson.
  • Jarret Westhoff, Plymouth.
  • Makenna Lichty, Black Hawk.
  • Gabriel Kramer, Story.
  • Anna Blanchard, Warren.
  • Zachariah Kernen, Carroll.
  • Madison Hoyer, Emmet.
  • Kelsi Liddle, Worth.
  • Madison Babington, Hamilton.
  • Cole Geraghty, East Pottawattamie.

Iowa Tree Farm Award

  • Morgan Christensen, Boone.
  • Ava Kerns, Clayton.
  • Addilyne Switzer, Hardin.
  • Chloe Switzer, Hardin.
  • Saul Christensen, Clay.
  • Layne Epley, Bremer.

IDALS Soil and Conservation Award

  • Gracie Nelson, Woodbury.
  • Morgan Christensen, Boone.
  • Tariq Burton, Hamilton.
  • Owen Burgess, Lee.
  • Makenna Steinmeyer, Grundy.
  • Rylee Philips, Van Buren.
  • Charlie Moeller, Sioux.
  • Preston Martin, Linn.
  • Lexis Collins, Hamilton.
  • Saul Christensen, Clay.
  • Maggie Rinner, Washington.

Iowa Questers Award

  • Bryan York, Cass.
  • Cooper Arkovich, Story.
  • Sophia Costello, Clinton.

Iowa 4-H Literacy and Math Challenge Award

  • Madison Hoyer, Emmet.
  • Lillian Niklasen, Shelby.
  • Kaitlyn Houser, Polk.
  • Alyson Ball, Plymouth.
  • Elaina Geake, Sac.
  • Brooke Bowersox, Johnson.
  • Emma Idlewine, Cedar.
  • Jacie-Aspen Flockhart, Dallas.
  • Hanna Bedwell, Warren.
  • Caylee Cole, Fayette.
  • Megan Wells, Mills.
  • Jadrienne Langreck, Winneshiek.
  • Lane Bruhn, Kossuth.
  • Madelynn Horan, Sac.
  • Josephine Millikan, Cass.

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarships

  • Carter Taylor, Clinton.
  • Elijah Westercamp, Van Buren.
  • Jenna Freeseman, Polk.
  • Amanda King, Sioux.
  • Saul Christensen, Clay.
  • Taylor Ommen, Adair.
  • Maggie Rinner, Washington.
  • Lane Bayliss, Mahaska.

Iowa State University College of Human Sciences Scholarships

  • Carly Cox, Marion.
  • Megan Wells, Mills.
  • Madelyn Hennings, Chickasaw.
  • Madison Dohlman, Franklin.
  • Erin Barnes, Boone.
  • Libby Dix, Linn.
  • Hannah Chesnut, Boone.
  • Henry Groos, Warren.
  • Pace Chaillie, Montgomery.
  • Ayla Moss, Fayette.
  • Lorelei Rieken, Jones.
  • Austin Ranson, Scott.

Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarships

  • Jacie-Aspen Flockhart, Dallas.
  • Rachel Rudacille, Appanoose.
  • Ali Hansen, Page.
  • Anna Becker, Benton.
  • Zackary Proctor, Davis.
  • Brock Jean, Dallas.
  • Hunter Deckard, Franklin.
  • Nancy Van De Walle, Bremer.
  • Hannah Rodgers, Washington.
  • Cael Mess, Scott.

Communication presentations

In addition to static project exhibits, over 600 youth gave live communication presentations on topics ranging from making sensory squares and glitter jars to gene editing, the honey bee life cycle, and the power of music.

Youth-driven 4-H experiences provide access to safe learning environments; hands-on experiences that build skills, competencies, and resiliency to address life’s challenges and to actively contribute to society; and partnerships with caring adults to help meet youths’ basic needs of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.

For more information on the Iowa 4-H Youth Development program, please contact your ISU Extension and Outreach county office or visit the Iowa 4-H website at  

Shareable photo: 4-H youth exhibits at the 2022 Iowa State Fair in the Bruce L. Rastetter 4-H Exhibits Building.

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