Iowa 4-H Awardrobe Clothing Event Award Winners Announced

August 18, 2020, 2:15 pm | Bonnie Dalager

Awardrobe winners.AMES, Iowa – One hundred youth from 56 counties participated in the 2020 Awardrobe Clothing Event as a part of this year’s special Show Iowa 4-H Virtual Showcase. The event provided 4-H members in grades 9-12 the opportunity to showcase their apparel design and production knowledge and creativity skills. As a part of the showcasing experience, youth completed a comprehensive report and received feedback from judges on goal setting, selection, function and consumer skills. The event concluded with a virtual runway show on social media.

“Our planning team and judges worked together to make this year’s virtual event a valuable learning experience for our youth participants,” said Bonnie Dalager, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H youth program specialist.

The event has three categories: clothing selection – participants select or purchase an outfit for a specific occasion; fashion revue – the garment is constructed, hand-knitted, machine-knitted or crocheted by the participant; and the $15 challenge – the participant purchases an outfit for $15 or less from garage sales, consignment shops or clothing resale stores.

4-H members in the clothing project area learn a wide variety of skills through their year-long learning experiences. Hannah Millheim of Madison County uses her clothing project area experiences to express herself. “I learned that nothing is unworthy of sharing with others. Through the process of showing my handmade 1840s day dress, I learned that an exhibit’s value is measured by how much heart and passion went into it. As a high school senior, I hope that young members learn this and share exhibits that show their personality.”

All clothing classes evaluate consumer skills as well, with special emphasis in the $15 challenge class. “I have learned a lot about consumer management through the clothing project because I have learned how to look for high quality clothing at discounted prices,” said Josiah Westercamp of Van Buren County.

Jenna Messer of Washington County expressed similar insights. “I have learned how to choose clothes that express myself within a budget while looking for characteristics of good quality clothes. Buying previously owned clothing is a responsible consumer choice because it is repurposing an item for further use.”

Many youth participants return to the event each year as they continue their learning in clothing. Annika Strohm shared why she continues to enjoy the Awardrobe Clothing Event.

“My involvement in all three clothing project areas over the last decade has taught me valuable skills such as selecting quality clothing for affordable prices. I’ve also learned many sewing techniques and had the opportunity to meet peers and judges that share my passion for fashion,” Strohm noted.

State fair participants are nominated for the Awardrobe Clothing Event within their county 4-H program. Recognition opportunities include gift cards for top-ranking class participants, and sponsored awards by the Central Iowa Sewing Guild and a $500 scholarship awarded by Iowa State’s apparel, merchandising and design program.

The following youth earned top five class awards in the state fair Awardrobe Clothing Event.

Fashion Revue Recipients

  • Aubrey Van Briesen, Sioux County.
  • Victoria Pavik, Webster County.
  • Hannah Millheim, Madison County.
  • Kendra Wynja, Sioux County.
  • Molly Wilkerson, Polk County.

Clothing Selection Recipients

  • Abigail Kelly, Polk County.
  • Cadence Koenigs, Monona County.
  • Emily Waugh, Hamilton County.
  • Jack McInnis, Plymouth County.
  • Jenna King, Sioux County.

$15 Challenge Recipients

  • Dillon Hanlon, Story County.
  • Elizabeth Zobel, Ida County.
  • Katie Delaney, Webster County.
  • Leah Johnson, Humboldt County.
  • Olivia Lamb, Warren County.

Specialty Awards

The following youth received specialty awards from sponsors. The Central Iowa Sewing Guild sponsors an award for excellence in the fashion revue (constructed garment) class. Ann Thye with the Department of Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management, Iowa State University, sponsors an award for the projects that reflect current fashion trends.

Central Iowa Sewing Guild: Hannah Millheim, Madison County; Kendra Wynja, Sioux County.

On Trend Award: Delaney McMullen, Mills County.

Scholarship Winner: Molly Wilkerson, Polk County, earned special recognition for ranking in the top of Awardrobe Clothing Event participants and expressing an interest in furthering her education in the apparel, merchandising and design, event management or hospitality management programs. The Iowa State University Department of Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management sponsored the $500 scholarship award.

[PHOTO] Awardrobe specialty award winners are Molly Wilkerson, Delaney McMullen, Hannah Millheim and Kendra Wynja.

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