Help Your Child Build Literacy Skills with Everyday Activities

October 1, 2019, 10:36 am | Kim Brantner, Laura Sternweis

Father helping his sons with homework by Rido/, Iowa -- Activities and family time combine for learning and fun in Raising School Ready Readers, a program for preschoolers and their families offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“We are excited to share this program because it helps busy parents discover simple ways to help turn everyday routines and experiences into learning opportunities for reading and writing skills, says Kim Brantner, a human sciences specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach.

“This program helps parents prepare their children to succeed in school and gain independence, while they have fun together as a family,” added Brantner, who specializes in family life issues.

Trained facilitators will offer a series of five interactive literacy activity nights for parents and their children ages 3 to 6. To learn more about the program and when it will be held in your area, contact a human sciences specialist in family life or your ISU Extension and Outreach county office.

“Children really love coming to these sessions because they get to play games and spend time with their parents. At the same time parents are learning and practicing easy techniques to help their children become successful readers and writers,” noted Brantner.

“We know parents with children this age often wonder how to get them on a path to be successful in school and become good readers,” Brantner said.

“Reading proficiently by third grade is an important predictor of high school graduation and career success,” according to Brantner. “In addition, children who have good literacy skills are less likely to fail in school or repeat a grade, drop out, or exhibit delinquent behaviors.”

The Raising School Ready Readers program will give your child a head start on school readiness with fun activities focusing on these important areas of literacy: 1) learning how books and print work, 2) playing with sounds in words, 3) communicating with others, 4) knowing the names of sounds and letters, and 5) making sense of books and other print materials.

ISU Extension and Outreach recently trained 24 extension staff as Raising School Ready Readers to facilitate this effort.

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