Goat Nutrition Software Now Available from Iowa Beef Center

June 30, 2016, 4:36 pm | Garland Dahlke

AMES, Iowa -- As the popularity of raising goats continues to increase, those who choose to enter the business need accurate information on nutrition needs and diet formulation for their animals. Garland Dahlke with the Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University has developed new software that uses guidelines from the National Research Council.

Goat Nutrition"This new software has two modules with one for growing animals and the other for mature animals, and includes an extensive feed library for all ages," Dahlke said. "Producers can use this software for all goats -- dairy, meat and mohair -- and for all ages."

The software is Excel-based and can be used by any version of Excel on Windows or Mac computers that are capable of opening an .xls file. Reports from the program can be printed as .pdf files for sharing with others.

The $100 cost is a one-time price for the program, and that includes any future updates and assistance. A documentation/help file is available to download at no cost. Download this help file, and purchase and download the software from the ISU Extension and Outreach online store.

"People are welcome to call or email me with questions or comments," Dahlke said. "I think this program would be a great addition to management tools for today’s goat producers."

Contact Dahlke by phone at 515-294-9910 or email at garland@iastate.edu.

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