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Thanks to financial support from a multi-state extension group, beef producers are now able to get the Bovine Estrus Synchronization Planner at no charge.

By: Sherry Hoyer and Garland Dahlke

A new nutrition software program will help Iowa goat producers with accurate information on nutrition needs and diet formulations for their animals. "Goat Nutrition" is for all goats of all ages, and the one-time price includes personalized assistance and future updates.

By: Garland Dahlke

The Iowa Beef Center recently updated the Beef Ration and Nutrition Decision Software (BRaNDS), software for beef producers interested in having help balancing rations.

By: Garland Dahlke and Sherry Hoyer

The Iowa Beef Center has updated the BRaNDS ration balancing software. Owners of earlier versions of professional and standard editions can update at a low cost.

By: Garland Dahlke and Sherry Hoyer

The program is targeted toward commercial and seedstock producers, the artificial insemination and allied industries and veterinarians interested in using or improving implementation of reproductive management tools and associated genetic tools.

By: Garland Dahlke and Sherry Hoyer

The Iowa Beef Center encourages producers to consider using its 205-day weight calculator. Producers enter calf information and the Excel-based tool will calculate weaning weights to an adjusted 205-day weight.

By: Denise Schwab and Garland Dahlke