Extension and Outreach Adds New Crops Feed the World Lessons

Supplemental materials for students and teachers in science and agriculture now available

February 17, 2020, 3:31 pm | Maya Hayslett

AMES, Iowa — After its preliminary success, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and 4-H Youth Development have published six new courses in the Crops Feed the World series. Specialized for agricultural educators and their students, these lessons target specific areas of agriculture that Iowa 4-H members and agricultural education students may be unfamiliar with.

The six new lessons to be featured are on the following topics:Crops Feed The World logo.
●    Nutrient management
●    Integrated pest management (IPM)
●    Plant disease management
●    Insect management
●    Weed management
●    Growing-degree-days (GDDs)

Additionally, beyond farming and horticulture basics, these new lessons provide targeted resources for students in grades four through 12. All topics include lesson plans, online modules, hands-on activities and career exploratory options.

“Crop production is an important part of Iowa economics and culture,” said Maya Hayslett, program specialist with crop sciences youth education. “These lessons focus on the science behind what makes these components of Iowa life possible. These new lessons help to focus on what goes on between planting and harvesting, which is often taken for granted.”

Level one lessons consist of introductory materials for youth in grades one through four, or those with little-to-no background knowledge in plant sciences. Level two builds upon the information in the introductory lessons with more complex ideas. Level three, which will be released in future installations, will offer even more thorough information for grades nine through 12.

The interactive learning materials from Crops Feed the World also touch on other related topics such as financial security, farmers' markets, livestock and community leadership. Crops Feed the World encourages positive youth development in areas of agriculture and beyond for all ages.

The lessons are free and available to anyone. To begin, online users can register through the Iowa State University Extension Moodle at https://moodle.extension.iastate.edu/course/view.php?id=131. Account creation is required if not previously completed.


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