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Dan Anderson and Jay Harmon from Iowa State University's Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering discuss the dangers of gases that can be released when agitating and pumping liquid manure. They offer strategies for safe agitation and ventilation.

By: Daniel Andersen and Jay Harmon

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is helping farmers manage their manure supplies by focusing on environmental stewardship, safe handling and providing crops with the nutrients they need. A new video highlights ISU Extension and Outreach work with this valuable resource.

By: Daniel Andersen

Environmental regulations require producers to make sure manure is being applied to agricultural fields in accordance with their manure management plans. Both distribution of manure and calibrating the applicators are covered in a pair of new ISU Extension and Outreach publications.

By: Kapil Arora and Daniel Andersen

The risks of hydrogen sulfide in swine operations have been known for years, but beef operators also need to be aware of the dangers this gas can pose.

By: Daniel Andersen

Manure can be a valuable commodity on a farm, and ISU Extension and Outreach publications are resources farmers can use to make informed decisions about manure applications.

By: Daniel Andersen

Producers considering changes to crop rotation should pay attention to the impact it has on manure management plans.

By: Daniel Andersen

It is important to make sure best manure application strategies are followed to minimize negative environmental impacts and ensure producers benefit from the manure’s fertilizer value.

By: Daniel Andersen

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will conduct a Commercial Manure Applicator training on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019. Commercial manure applicators can attend the annual training to meet commercial manure applicator certification requirements.

By: Daniel Andersen and Melissa McEnany and Rachel Kennedy

Confinement site manure applicators should plan to attend a two-hour workshop offered by ISU Extension and Outreach in January and February 2019 to receive required continuing education.

By: Daniel Andersen and Rachel Kennedy and Melissa McEnany

Dry/solid manure applicator certification workshops meet manure applicator certification requirements for both confinement site manure applicators and commercial manure applicators who primarily apply dry or solid manure.

By: Daniel Andersen and Melissa McEnany and Rachel Kennedy