Corn Rootworm Demonstrations Planned at Northern Research Farm

Topics will include management, scouting tips and advice

July 11, 2023, 1:49 pm | Gentry Sorenson, Angela Rieck-Hinz

KANAWHA, Iowa – A corn rootworm management field day will be held Aug. 1 at Iowa State University’s Northern Research and Demonstration Farm “South Farm,” located at 1040 James Ave. Kanawha, from 5:30-7 p.m.

A free evening meal will be provided though a sponsorship with the Iowa Corn Growers Association-District 2.

Last year, entomologists and field specialists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach received numerous questions about effective management for corn rootworm as populations have increased the past two years and farmers have experienced enhanced root injury during drought conditions.

Corn rootworm demonstration.A demonstration will showcase hybrid traits (no Bt for corn rootworm, SmartStax, SmartStax Pro, Duracade and Qrome) with and without a soil-applied insecticide. In addition to ways to manage corn rootworm, the event will feature scouting tips and advice. Erin Hodgson, professor in entomology and extension specialist in entomology at Iowa State, recommends corn growers dig a few corn roots up in July and August, even if they don’t suspect they have a problem with corn rootworm.

“In most growing conditions in Iowa, you’re not going to see above-ground signs of stress, because we have such good soils,” said Hodgson. “But that doesn’t mean corn rootworm isn’t present or that it won’t be a problem later in the season.”

Hodgson said she’s looking forward to showcasing a diverse approach to corn rootworm management, including crop rotation, transgenics and the SmartStax products. The best way to control rootworm is through prevention. There will also be a novel management tactic, RNAi, planted at each location.

The demos are open to farmers, crop consultants, agronomists and anyone with an interest in corn rootworm. 1.5 hours of PM CCA credits will be available at the demonstration.

 Participants are asked to email by July 25 to RSVP for the field day.

Shareable photo: Corn rootworm demonstration.

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