Container Gardens Give Small Gardens Big Benefits

ISU Extension and Outreach quickinar video series continues with a look at container gardens

May 20, 2020, 9:30 am | Ruth Litchfield, Sarah Francis, Cynthia Haynes

AMES, Iowa – The interest in growing one’s own produce increases daily. Everyone can garden, even apartment dwellers and those with limited outdoor space. This week’s “Sow, Grow, Eat and Keep” video from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach addresses how to start a container garden and the nutritious produce one offers. 

Container gardens offer many benefits including:herbs in containers.

  • Requires less space than a traditional garden.
  • Can be placed at a height that reduces bending.

There are many ways to create a container garden. You can use a variety of flower pots or larger containers, such as large plastic buckets, or build raised bed gardens. Almost any vegetable can be grown in a container garden. The best cultivars are those that are smaller and bushier and don’t require staking. Check out the ISU Extension and Outreach publication Container Vegetable Gardening and Container Gardening FAQs.

For those interested in learning more about gardening, contact your ISU Extension and Outreach county office for information about the Master Gardener program. Training begins across the state this fall.

ISU Extension and Outreach will continue hosting weekly “Sow, Grow, Eat and Keep” quickinars. The quickinars offer 5-15 minute online lessons of seasonally appropriate topics for the garden, food preparation and food preservation. Some upcoming topics include:

  • Cool and warm season crops (lettuce, spinach, peas).
  • Freezing produce.
  • Freezer jams (strawberry).
  • Scouting for garden pests.
  • Weeding and watering basics.
  • Produce food safety.
  • Canning produce.

More is also available in the Yard and Garden article called “Growing Vegetables in Containers.”

For additional resources and publications referred to in this press visit the Sow, Grow, Eat, and Keep website. Send your food or garden questions to


Original photo: herbs in containers.

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