Commercial Applicator Pesticide Safety Education Scheduled for Spring 2019

ISU Extension and Outreach county offices will provide recertification training sessions

February 7, 2019, 11:53 am | Kristine Schaefer, Betsy Buffington, Mark Shour, Kathy Wilson

AMES, Iowa – The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Pesticide Safety Education Program will hold a series of commercial applicator continuing instruction course (CIC) training programs throughout Iowa during Spring 2019.

seated man with worksheets on his lap.CIC programs will be provided for specific certification categories on the following dates:

  • Feb. 12 – Commercial Ag Weed, Insect and Plant Disease Management (categories 1A, 1B, 1C, 10).
  • Feb. 27 – Seed Treatment (categories 4, 10).
  • March 6 – Ornamental and Turf Applicators (categories 3O, 3T, 3OT, 10).
  • March 13 – Certified Handlers.
  • Late Spring – Aerial Applicators (categories 10, 11).

CIC programs will be held at ISU Extension and Outreach county offices throughout the state. Contact your local office to find the training location closest to you.

Topics covered in the CIC programs include:

  • Recognition of sensitive areas, including groundwater and other non-target sites and organism (pollinators) as potentially impacted by pesticide applications, drift and runoff.
  • Pests, pest management and pesticides.
  • Pesticide labels.
  • Restricted entry interval and preharvest intervals.

To obtain initial certification as a commercial pesticide applicator, a person must pass both the closed-book exam over the Iowa Core Manual (IC 445) and an exam specific to the categories for which they need to be certified to do the job. The manual for each specific category is available through the Extension Store.

For those who are already certified as a commercial pesticide applicator, recertification requirements are to either attend a CIC program each year that covers each of the categories for which the applicator wishes to maintain certification or to recertify by passing exams every three years.

Additional information, including registration forms, can be found through the Pesticide Safety Education Program website.


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