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The College of Design, the College of Engineering and ISU Extension and Outreach 4-H Youth Development are engaging young Iowans with design and STEM. Kids have all kinds of opportunities to imagine themselves as designers and scientists, and explore careers.

By: Madison England and Pete Evans and Clark Colby

Youth can apply now for a new statewide 4-H opportunity, the Iowa 4-H Reporters program. Up to 16 youth will be selected to serve on one of four teams, each mentored by media and marketing professionals.

By: Clark Colby and Bonnie Dalager

Thirteen Iowa youth participated in the second annual 4-H Reporters Program July 11 at WHO Radio and Iowa Public Television. The experience helps them prepare to report at the Iowa State Fair.

By: Clark Colby

Videos captured by Iowa 4-H Reporters and the 360 Video team creatively document 4-H events at Iowa State Fair.

By: Clark Colby and Payton Sash

Jennifer Drinkwater and Clark Colby are artists, Iowa State faculty and program specialists with ISU Extension and Outreach. They are participating in Iowa's 20 Artists, 20 Parks project commemorating the 100th anniversary of Iowa State Parks during 2020.

By: Clark Colby and Jennifer Drinkwater and Willy Klein

After instruction from Iowa PBS professionals, a new cohort of Iowa 4-H Reporters is well prepared to cover the Iowa State Fair. These youth will showcase their new media knowledge by sharing fair features and 4-H stories.

By: Valyn Bodensteiner and Clark Colby