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The recent issue of Acreage Living is available online and contains articles covering late summer topics.

By: Christa Hartsook and Linda Naeve

Adam Janke, assistant professor and extension wildlife specialist at Iowa State University, shares his first-hand encounter with a covey of bobwhite quail in the January issue of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Acreage Living Newsletter.

By: Adam Janke and Christa Hartsook

Producers interested in learning about high tunnel production now have the option to take an online ISU Extension and Outreach course.

By: Christa Hartsook and Joe Hannan

Iowa agricultural producers who would like to develop habitat for monarchs and pollinators by adding additional soil and water conservation practices to their land have until May 19 to sign up at their local USDA Service Center for planning and funding assistance.

By: Christa Hartsook

The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is assisting producer groups gathering information to use in applying for USDA Rural Business and Cooperative Service value-added producer grants.

By: Ray Hansen and Christa Hartsook

A free learning session Oct. 27 at the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center in Ames will be offered for those interested in applying and learning more about the USDA Value Added Producer Grant program.

By: Ray Hansen and Christa Hartsook and Shannon Hoyle

As harvest season draws to a close, farmers are starting to look forward to the next planting and growing season. Often times, this means signing new lease agreements or evaluating if an existing agreement is working.

By: Christa Hartsook

Because of their value to high tunnel producers, tomatoes are often grown every year, despite the increased risk for plant disease outbreaks caused by a monoculture system.

By: Joe Hannan and Christa Hartsook

Starting a water garden – even one as simple as a large container of water – can also expand the gardener’s choice of possible plants to be enjoyed. The type of plants that can be best featured in a water garden is the subject of one of the articles in the July issue of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Small Farm Sustainability newsletter.

By: Cynthia Haynes and Christa Hartsook

Actively growing crops, such as broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale, need to be monitored for pests who still have time to cause damage before harvest.

By: Ajay Nair and Christa Hartsook