Catch the How-to Video Series "UKNOW: Aquaponics"

Video series shows how to design and maintain an aquaponics system

July 25, 2017, 7:27 am | Allen Pattillo, Grant Wall

Allen PatilloAMES, Iowa – Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Aquaponics and Fisheries Specialist Allen Pattillo has released a series of videos that showcase how to construct and use an aquaponics system. Videos cover the details of an integrated system of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants), whether producers are interested as hobbyists or in commercial production.

“Aquaponics is synonymous with sustainability,” Pattillo said. “We have a very industrialized type of agriculture in Iowa and it separates people from their food. Aquaponics provides an opportunity to connect people with their food and their farmer.”

Aquaponics can also meet a need for fresh, locally grown produce throughout the year.

“We are so dependent, especially in the winter, on other places to provide fresh vegetables,” Pattillo said. “Aquaponics can give us a chance to do it ourselves. Iowans are really good at providing and doing things for themselves so this lends itself to the culture that is in place in the state.”

The videos, part of the UKNOW How-to series from ISU Extension and Outreach, are designed as an introduction for people who want to get into aquaponics, while also discussing the research on commercial aquaponics production conducted at Iowa State.

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