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To explain how to take good soil samples, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has released a new publication, "Take a Good Soil Sample to Help Make Good Fertilization Decisions."

By: Antonio Mallarino and John Sawyer

Micronutrients are needed in very small quantities by plants, but are essential for their growth and production. A search for understanding how micronutrients can be better managed in the Midwest’s soybean fields has led to new research and a regional publication on the topic.

By: Antonio Mallarino

The practice of conducting tissue testing for phosphorus and potassium in corn and soybean is a relatively new tool in Iowa crop production. While soil testing has been widely used for decades, proper tissue testing recommendations are still emerging.

By: Antonio Mallarino and John Sawyer

A newly revised publication, “Use of the End-of-Season Corn Stalk Nitrate Test in Iowa Corn Production” (CROP 3154) is available through the ISU Extension Store. The publication is written by John Sawyer and Antonio Mallarino, professors and extension specialists in agronomy at Iowa State University.

By: John Sawyer and Antonio Mallarino