2023 Garden Calendar Tackles Popular Garden Myths

Gardening tips and photos provided in new calendar

October 6, 2022, 11:05 am | Cynthia Haynes, Aaron J. Steil

AMES, Iowa – The 2023 garden calendar from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, “Garden Lore,” is now available for gardeners and outdoorspeople alike.

The calendar, prepared by Cindy Haynes, professor and extension specialist in horticulture at Iowa State, and Aaron Steil, consumer horticulture specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach, aims to distinguish gardening fact from gardening fiction. It includes important gardening tips as well as information regarding extension resources, and is available for purchase through the Iowa State University Extension Store.

Garden calendar June.“I have worked on the Iowa State University Extension Garden Calendar for a number of years, and this is a topic I have been wanting to cover for a while,” explained Haynes. “This idea of garden lore is something I find fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Focusing the calendar on this topic is a good way to educate the public about common gardening misconceptions or myths.”

“We answer a lot of gardening questions,” added Steil, “and we hear these misconceptions on a regular basis. Being in extension, we always try to provide research-based information, and while some of these practices may work for some people, sometimes they’re just absolutely false.”

In addition to correcting common garden myths, the calendar also indicates dates for certain tasks, which makes it a practical tool for gardeners.

“One of the hallmarks of this calendar is the garden tips throughout the calendar,” explained Steil. “When I was working on this year’s calendar, I really enjoyed combing through the tips, coming up with new things to include and making sure everything is in the right spot.”

“Calendars make a great Christmas gift in general, but this calendar has the added benefit of being a wonderful garden journal for a gardener who wants to keep track of things, or who wants some advice on what to do throughout the garden year,” concluded Steil.

For more information, or to purchase the 2023 garden calendar, visit the Extension Store website.

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