County Forms for 4-H Record Keeping


Completing 4-H records is an important part of the 4-H experience and philosophy.  This page will provide you with all the options and materials necessary to complete your records.

Philosophy:  The purpose of 4-H record keeping is to teach an important life skill. Recognizing individual differences, youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their needs and learning styles.



1.  To learn goal setting, action plans, and evaluation

2.  To learn the skills of record keeping and organization for current and future use

3.  To learn to communicate and summarize

4.  To learn responsibility through completion of a task

5.  To evaluate information that will market personal skills through future resumes and applications


Minimum Requirements: Minimum requirements for 4-H’ers to meet in completing their records:

  1. Fair Exhibit Write-Up* for one project area
  2. Documentation of educational communication activity
  3. Livestock projects must include appropriate worksheets

*Fair Exhibit Write-Up includes answering the following questions:

  • What were your exhibit/project goal(s)?
  • How did you got about working toward your goal(s)?

    •  What were the most important things you learned as you worked toward your goal(s)?
    •  What is the cost (if applicable)?

4-H'ers in Muscatine County have three options to complete records:

  1. Formal written records
  2. Informal written records
  3. Create your own records
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