New Location: Grand Opening Events

Grand Opening

Muscatine County Extension and Outreach - Grand Opening Events

October 7 - 11, 2019

Join us at our new location: 1601 Plaza Place, Muscatine


All events are free and open to the public.



Monday, October 7:

  • 9:30-11 AM: Join ISU Human Sciences Specialist Barb Dunn Swanson to learn about two Extension programs: A Journey through Parkinson’s Diseasean educational program from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach focused on Parkinson’s disease, its effects, and possible treatments.  Barb will also share about What About Me? My Wellbeing, program designed to enhance adult individual wellbeing and quality of life in ways that are personally meaningful to participants. These programs can be offered to community organizations or as part of an employee wellness program.  


  • 11:15 AM – Noon: What Is Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Muscatine County? Join Krista Regennitter, Muscatine County Extension Director, to learn about Extension and Outreach work in Iowa and specifically about programming in Muscatine County.  


Tuesday, October 8:
  • 5:30-7 PM: 4-H Find Out Night.  It’s National 4-H Week! Join us to learn about 4-H opportunities in Muscatine County!


Wednesday, October 9:
  • 9 AM – Noon: Business Model Canvas 101.  Join Victor Oyervides, ISU Retail Specialist, to learn about this strategic management tool created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The canvas is divided into nine individual rectangles representing the building blocks of all small business and non-profit, guiding a person on the pathway to understanding how their business concept will create value for value in return. This tool is applied by entrepreneurs, small business, large corporations and non-profits. Pre-registration required, please email


Thursday, October 10:
  • 9—10 AM: Hot Topics in Estate Planning with ISU Farm Management Specialist, Ryan Drollette


  • 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM: OPEN HOUSE!  Stop in for a tour and refreshments.  Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry ribbon cutting at noon.


  • 6—7 PM: Worm Bin Composting. Join Lydia Whitman, Conservation Assistant, Cedar County SWCD/ NRCS to learn about worm composting.  Worms can help build a sustainable food system! Composting is recycling our food waste. Worms, and even smaller micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi, love to eat our food waste. It’s full of the nutrients that they need. They break down our food waste and turn it back into awesome nutrient-rich soil. This soil is great for our crops and our home gardens. We will be constructing shoe box size composting kits for participants to take home. Please wear dirt appropriate attire. Pre-registration required, space is limited, please email


Friday, October 11:
  • Noon – 1 PM: Join Abby Boysen, Family Nutrition Program Assistant, to learn more about the newly released Plan, Shop, Save, and Cook adult nutrition program for individuals on limited incomes.   Plan, Shop, Save and Cook provides a series of adult classes that show participants how to: choose healthy foods, plan meals, save money at the grocery store, and handle food safely.  All classes feature interactive activities and visuals.  Let's work together to help Iowans eat well!

For more infomation contact Krista Regennitter or call 563-263-5701.  Event flyer.  

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