About ISU Extension and Outreach: Montgomery County

  • Weed & Plant ID          
  • 4-H Youth Program      
  • Master Gardeners         
  • Babysitting Classes      
  • Water Test Information      
  • ISU Hotlines                         
  • School Enrichment      
  • Communities                
  • Families                     
  • Insect ID
  • Clover Kids                  
  • Farm Safety              
  • Agriculture
  • Consumer Information                                    
  • Community & Economic Development 
  • Summer Youth Daycamps
  • Horticulture 

When you need to make decisions that affect your family, community, business, or farm, look at Iowa State University Extension. You can rely on ISU Extension for unbiased, research-based information and education to help you make better decisions today and tomorrow.


Montgomery County Extension is supported financially with county, state and federal tax dollars.  Additional funding for targeted programs is sought through public and private partnerships.


A nine-member council of locally elected citizens oversees Montgomery County Extension, helping assure a local presence for programming and sound fiscal management of the organization.


The Montgomery County Extension Council, county staff and ISU Extension and Outreach staff work together to provide research-based learning opportunities for our citizens. Through this partnership, we carry Iowa State University’s land-grant mission across Montgomery County.

We can anticipate trends, build relationships, and catalyze opportunities because we are part of the ongoing life of our communities, committed to healthy people, healthy environments, and healthy economies.

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