Water Rocks! Issue Fall Colors 'Found Art' Challenge


October 8, 2020, 10:37 am | Hilary Pierce


AMES, Iowa – Partnering with Artworks Studio of Carroll, Iowa, Water Rocks! is sponsoring the Fall Colors Found Art Challenge. The contest is open to all ages with both adult and youth entry groups. Participants are asked to create works of art from natural items they find in the great outdoors.
“The inspiration for Found Art isn’t just limited to colorful leaves, seed pods, pinecones and driftwood. This year in particular, nature has provided an expansive treasure trove of potential materials,” said Laura Comito, owner of Artworks Studio. “August’s derecho devastated much of Iowa, but the resulting twisted branches and stalks that can be found in parks and woodlands across the state could become a foundation for inspired works of art. We are truly looking forward to seeing artists’ creativity expressed through found items.”
Get Outside, Gather, Create
In addition to encouraging experienced and budding artists to get creative with natural materials, the groups hope to entice more people to get outside and appreciate Iowa’s beautiful fall colors.
Entrants can upload photos of their artistic creations Oct. 9-19. Water Rocks! and Artworks Studio will share all entries through social media channels and will solicit public input on a People’s Choice winner in each age category. Online voting through the Water Rocks! Facebook page and consideration by a judging panel will take place Oct. 20-22, with juried and People’s Choice winners announced Oct. 23.
To participate in the Fall Colors Found Art Challenge:

  1. Go for a walk outside.
  2. Find interesting natural items (leaves, rocks, feathers, twigs, pinecones, flowers, etc.). Do no harm – only collect things that are on the ground.
  3. Create your masterpiece (arrange your items into any type of design or picture).
  4. Submit a photo of your creation at waterrocks.org/fall-colors.

Each individual participant may submit up to three entries.
Follow @waterrocksisu on Facebook to vote for the People’s Choice Oct. 20-22. Prize winners will be announced Friday, Oct. 23. Prizes to be awarded include highly prized items with the Water Rocks! logo, Artworks Studio gift certificates and other exciting goodies.
“Art is all around us, and we are excited to invite people to get outside, explore their surroundings and find inspiration to create from what they see and find,” said Ann Staudt, Water Rocks! director. “Water Rocks! has sponsored other creative challenges this year and with each contest we are amazed at the range of participants and the varied artistic viewpoints they display with their entries. It is an educational experience for us, and we certainly hope everyone participating learns a little bit more about Iowa and its abundant beauty.”
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