4-H Record Books

Are you trying to complete your record book for the past 4-H year and you need help? Look no further! Everything that you need to put together a great record book is listed below. 

Montgomery County 4-H Record Book Format - How to put together your record book and what to include. 

  1. Record Book Table of Contents - use this form or design your own comparable form! (PDF or Word)
  2. Yearly 4-H Summary - this is a 4-page document. (PDF or Word
  3. My 4-H Story - including this is optional, you may also design your own comparable form. 
  4. Personal Goal Record - including this for is optional. You may use this form (PDF or Word) or design your own! 
  5. Complete the following project record based upon your grade level: 
  • Junior 4-H'ers (Grades 4-6): Basic 4-H Project Record (PDF or Word)
  • Intermediate 4-H'ers (Grades 7-8): Experienced 4-H Project Record (PDF or Word)
  • Senior 4-H'ers (Grades 9-12): Advanced 4-H Project Record (PDF or Word)

   6. Don't forget, some specific project areas require additional record worksheets.

  • Photography Project Worksheet (PDF or Word)

   Crops and Gardening


   7. One more step! Make sure you complete the "Record Keeping Self-Evaluation" worksheets to complete this year's 4-H         record book. 

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