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    Spring into Spring”with the Mills County Master Gardeners   

Even though the cold conditions outside may have you thinking that spring is a long way off, it’s not too early to get some information and great ideas to make this gardening year one of the best! The Mills County Master Gardeners are here to help with this series of six seminars open to gardeners of all ages and abilities. 

Tuesday, February 26th, 7 PM. Tim Inman will give a presentation on “Grafting. Tim is a Mills County Master Gardener, and has a vast knowledge of grafting. He will do a short presentation and then a “hands on grafting” with the participants attending the presentation. This seminar will be held at the Lakin Center located on the Mills County Fairgrounds, Malvern, IA.

Tuesday, March 12th, 7 PM.  Mark and Debra Swirmicky will give a presentation on “The Art and Science of Bee Keeping”. Mark and Debra operate their family business, Lone Star Meadow Honey. They currently manage 30 colonies of honey bees and produce a wide variety of products from the honey and beeswax. The seminar will cover the importance of pollinators, honeybee biology, bee keeping equipment and Year of the Beekeeper. This seminar will be held at the Lakin Center located on the Mills County Fairgrounds, Malvern, IA.

Tuesday, March 26th, 7 PM. Gus Von Roenn will give a presentation on “Omaha Permaculture”. Gus will enlighten us about this exciting project. Omaha Permaculture is a 501c3 non-profit organization that maintains unwanted vacant land to elevate the property’s utility and value for the surrounding neighborhood by creating healthy ecosystems through urban agriculture related economic development. This seminar will be held at theLakin Center located on the Mills County Fairgrounds, Malvern, IA. 

Tuesday April 9th, 7 PM. Jayna Guehlstorff will give a presentation on “Dried Flowers”. Jayna is the owner of The Swallows Tail and Jayna’s County Store and Gardens. She will tell us the best ways to dry flowers and how to use them in arrangements. This seminar will be held at Lakin Center located on the Mills County Fairgrounds, Malvern, IA.

Tuesday April 23th, 6:30 PM. Ajay Nair, Professor is with the Department of Horticulture at ISU presents, “Soil Management”. Ajay will talk to us about nutrient management & fertility for soil, and interpreting soil test results. This information applies to Market Growers/Producers, Acreage Owners and the Backyard Gardener. A very informative seminar held in conjunction with the Local Foods Group.

Tuesday June11th, 6:30 PM. Barb Fuller will do a presentation on “Canning 101”. Barb is an ISU Nutrition and Health Program Specialist. This will be a special Seminar on canning and food safety. This seminar will last 2 hours and will start at 6:30 pm. We will be offering free testing for dial gauge pressure canners at 6 pm before the seminar begins. This seminar will be held at the Lakin Center located on the Mills County Fairgrounds, Malvern, IA.                           

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August 16, 2018

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August 9, 2017

From ISU- https://www.extension.iastate.edu/article/new-emerald-ash-borer-resources-available-isu-extension-and-outreach-forestry-program 

Publications provide list of arborists, tree varieties

July 28, 2016

Want to learn more about Japanese beetles and how to control them?

June 29, 2016
Want to learn more about how this destructive insect works and potential treatment options?  
August 26, 2013

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  • Master Gardeners are individuals who have an interest in horticulture, have taken the Master Gardener training offered by Iowa State University Extension, and share their time and expertise with other gardeners.

  • Let us "feed" your appetite for gardening information with a wide menu of gardening entrees.

  •  Information on lawn, garden, and landscape plant questions is available from ISU Extension staff.

  • Information on Pesticide Applicator Training, Integrated Pest Management, and related environmental programs.

  • Horticulture & Home Pest News is filled with articles on current horticulture, plant care, pest management, and common household pests written by Iowa State University Extension specialists.

  • Production and business management information for commercial producers on wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Helping support the state’s evolving grape and wine industry, because the potential economic opportunities in wineries, value-added agriculture and tourism are limitless.

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