Record Keeping

4-H record keeping should reflect the 4-H member's goals, accomplishments, and future plans!

What is required for my record book?

  • Record Book Cover - Covers are $4.00 and can be purchased at the office!
  • Evaluation Sheet
  • Cover Sheet - This includes a picture of the 4-H'er, the club name, age, and grade level.
  • Club Program
  • Yearly 4-H Summary
  • Personal Goal Record
  • 4-H Project Record - One project form should be completed for each project area you are enrolled in - regardless of whether or not you took an entry to the fair. You may include a fair write-up behind the project record form.
  • Project Worksheets - Many projects also have a worksheet that you will complete and include with the above forms. These need to go behind the project record form.
  • Project Related Pictures & Clippings - Those pertaining to a particular project area should be included behind the project record and/or worksheet.
  • Supporting Materials - Can include pictures, newspaper clippings, club minutes, etc. DO NOT include ribbons, receipts, letters, etc. Make sure supporting materials are neat and organized.

The current year's records should be placed on top of the last year's materials!

What project record form should I use?

  • Junior 4-H'ers (Grades 4-6): Basic 4-H Project Record 
  • Intermediate 4-H'ers (Grades 7-8): Experienced 4-H Project Record
  • Senior 4-H'ers (Grades 9-12): Advanced 4-H Project Record 

Recommended Order of Record Book:

  • Evaluation Sheet
  • Cover Sheet
  • Club Program
  • Yearly 4-H Summary 
  • Personal Goal Record 
  • 4-H Project Record Form for each different project area, with only the current year's information (project record form, project worksheet, related pictures and clippings) 

Record Book Tips:

  • Make sure you highlight your name in newspaper clippings!
  • Put captions with photos!
  • Make sure you include the number of years you have been in the project area, even if not consecutive years!
  • Although you sum up your citizenship activities on the Yearly Summary, Citizenship can also be considered a project area. If you do a lot of work in this area throughout the year, you should probably do a project record sheet for Citizenship – especially if you want to be considered for an award in that area at some point.
  • Don't forget, some specific project areas require additional record worksheets (Photography, Livestock, Crops & Gardening)
Record Book Forms
Breeding Animals
Dairy and Dairy Goat
Horse and Pony
Market Animals

Photography Project Worksheet


Rabbit Project Worksheet