4-H Record Books

Record Books

What is a Record Book?

  A Record Book gives 4-H members a measurable way to see their acheivements and growth throughout the year and time in 4-H. Record Books give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work and encourages members to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals.

Order of Materials in Record Book

1.   Evaluation Sheet- 4-H participation & Record Book  Evaluation Form

2.   Personal Picture

3.   Club Program

4.   Yearly Summary

5.   Personal Goal Record   (Example goal setting ideas for projects)

6.   4-H Project Records:  Basic, Experienced or Advanced

It is okay to include your write ups from fair ALONG WITH your project record.  If your fair write-up is more than 3 pages, please summarize it so it does not exceed 3 pages.  If  in doubt, please consult the rubric form.  Your fair exhibit goals should be similar to your project goals, and you may have more than one exhibit under one project.  For example, you may have baked cookies and made bread for your fair exhibits.  These would both be part of your Food and Nutrition project.

6b.  Livestock Records for Detailed Projects

6c.  Pictures for project area

            4-H project record must be submitted along with project worksheets for each area.

Example:  Breeding Animal worksheet and Project Record (basic, experienced or advanced)

7.   All non-project related pictures, news clippings and 4-H reports should be placed at back of this year’s



(Please note:  Only one project record is required.  However, only those projects that are submitted –

through record keeping-- can be considered for awards.)


Pictures and clippings should follow each individual project record.  Use plain white paper and mount with rubber cement (preferred) or glue.  Digital pictures can be printed directly on paper.  Please use black or blue ink to label pictures.


Record Book Forms Available On-Line:

Leaders evaluation forms:

Project Worksheets for Livestock and Small Animals

Other Project Worksheets:

Livestock ID Forms:


Don't see your record book form here?  Check out the State's record keeping website at https://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/record-keeping
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