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4-H Clubs in Mills County

4-H is for any youth in grades 4-12 and Clover Kids is for any youth in grades K-3!

Mills County currently has ten 4-H clubs and four Clover Kids clubs throughout various towns. Please see our club directory for information on the clubs, meeting dates and times, and contact information for club leaders. 

Please call the office at 712-624-8616 with any questions!



4-H Project Area Guides

Download the Project Area Guides for your own project area or simply read what it's about. Click on the suggested sites and see where it takes you! This is a new and greener approach to 4-H and we are glad you chose to come along!

Project Area Guides

Minimum Attendance Requirement

Mills County 4-H'ers are required to attend a minimum of 5 club meetings and 1 additional 4-H event or activity to be eligible to participate in any 4-H exhibition at the Mills County Fair. Clover Kids do not have an attendance requirement.

All members must sign the Minimum Attendance Agreement and return to your club leader or the Extension Office. 

For a list of what and what does not count as an additional 4-H event or activity, please see the document below or contact the office!

2023-2024 Minimum Attendance Agreement

Additional 4-H Events & Activities List


Club Officer Training Resources

Have you been elected to serve your club as a 4-H Club President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Reporter, or Recreation Leader? These helpful resource sheets will help you become acquainted with your leadership role!

Click on the links below to find more on your responsibilities and opportunities within your leadership role:


Vice President







Club Officer Templates

Other helpful club officer resources:

Creating a 4-H Meeting Agenda - Club President

Committee Planning Worksheet

Committee Reporting Worksheet

Club Meeting Minutes Worksheet - Club Secretary

Club Meeting Attendance Record - Club Secretary

Record Worksheet - Club Secretary

Club Press Release Template - Club Reporter

Photo Ideas for Your Club - Club Photographer

Recreation Activity Planning Worksheet - Club Recreation Leader

Yearly Recreation Plan - Club Recreation Leader

Club Leader Resources

Both 4-H and Clover Kids clubs must submit a club program plan annually. This is due to the Extension Office by November 1st and must be uploaded in 4-H Online by staff. This document is separate from the club program but clubs are encouraged to have both for record book purposes. 

Annual Clover Kids Club Program Plan Form

Annual Club Program Plan Form