Growing Blueberries (Manchester)

Monday, March 18, 2019 - 7:00pm
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Keith Ashline, along with his wife Sandy, own and operate Blueberry Hill, a u-pick blueberry farm in Littleport, Iowa. Keith said his quest for growing blueberries started with "a curiosity to see if I could grow a blueberry plant. I always see them in seed catalogs and in stores so I thought, how hard can it be?” Every summer, Keith bought at least one blueberry plant sometimes with little luck in keeping them alive. But Keith never stopped tying. “Once I learned more detailed instructions for how to care for the plants including how to amend the soil with the right nutrients, growing blueberries became much easier.” Keith and Sandy now grow 13 varieties of blueberries and have over 700 blueberry plants. Their business has 250 pickers each season and is growing. In his presentation, Keith will explain the way he plants blueberries and will talk about the long road of difficulties that Mother Nature can throw at the blueberry grower.