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Livestock ID's

Youth/families are not able to enter information for any animals that are weighed in (beef, sheep, meat goats & swine). Those animals are entered by county staff. Please refer to the Livestock Verification Help sheet for more information on this process.
All animal ID’s must be submitted no later than May 15th, 11:59 p.m. will open on May 16th and will close on June 21st.  If you need assistance the office will be having help nights on Thursday May 30th and Thursday June 20th. If you are not able to make it to the help nights please call our office at 641-752-1551, to schedule a time to come to the office to receive help. If you do not have a scheduled appointment we cannot guarentee that someone will be able to sit down and help you. 

2019 Central Iowa Fair Information

2019 Central Iowa Fair Book (PDF) 


2019 Central Iowa Fair Open Class 


Fair Entry Help

Animal ID in 4hOnline
 Animal ID on-line (PDF file)
 Market Beef verification process (PDF file)
 Market Sheep verification process (PDF file)
 Market Swine verification process (PDF file)
 Bottle/Bucket Animal 4-H Online (PDF file)

2019 Central Iowa Fair Mud Volleyball Tournament

Mud Volleyball Information Sheet 

Mud Volleyball Regisrtaion Form 

Mud Volleyball Release Waiver



2019 Individual Animal Fair Book Section 

2019 Bottle Animal ID Forms

2019 Non-Livestock

2019 Clothing Events Information

2019 Communication Projects Information

Working Exhibit Information

Share the Fun

Photography Information

Photography Label-must have one on each picture 
Photo Label (Word)

Vegetable Judging

Vegetable Worksheet

Food and Nutrition 

Food and Nutrition Comment Sheet
Food and Nutrition Quick Reference Guide

Miscellaneous Information

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