Buy. Eat. Live Healthy

Buy. Eat. Live Healthy educators support individuals and families in making healthy choices on a tight grocery budget. Lessons focus on nutrition education, cooking skills, grocery budget management and active living. Program availability varies by county.

Buy Eat Live Healthy

The Marshall County Extension office is offering a wonderful program called, "Buy, Eat, Live Healthy," founded by the United States Department of Agriculture and administrated by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This is a great way to learn basic nutrition information and tips on learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.
Grisel Chavez, Family Nutrition Program Assistant, can provide a series of 8 - 1-1.5 hour sessions over the course of approximately 8 weeks.
Sessions include:

  • Welcome
  • Get Moving
  • Plan, Shop, Save
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Half Your Plate
  • Make Half Your Grains Whole
  • Go Lean with Protein
  • Build Strong Bones
  • Make a Change
  • Celebrate! Get Smart and Be Active 

Our classes are FREE and can be taught to groups or as individual home visits. Classes can be held in the mornings or evenings, any day during the week. Participants receive a series of enhancements throughout the course to help them make the positive behavior changes suggested in each lesson. At the end of the program, participants will graduate and receive a certificate to acknowledge their success in completing the program.
In order to qualify for the program, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Are at 185% of current Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • If doing group sessions, only 51% of participants need to meet the guidelines 

If interested in the "Buy, Eat, Live Healthy" program, contact Grisel by email, or phone, 641-752-1551.