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         2020 Southern Iowa Fair Comments/Suggestions


2021 Southern Iowa Fair

4-H & FFA Rule Booklet

2021 Southern Iowa Fair Rule Booklet (4-H & FFA)

Information in this booklet is subject to change.

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FairEntry Procedures 2021

We are using FairEntry as a system for recording fair exhibits (static and livestock) for 2021.  This system provides staff with better options for creating show orders, news releases, and accurate premium payments.  This will be one extra step to take after identifying animals in 4-H Online/FFA Google Form ID, but it will create a more seamless process at the county fair.  We appreciate your patience with us as we continue to learn and implement this new process.

Fair Entry and 4HOnline Deadlines: Two Step Process
1. 4-H Online: v2.4honline.com

  • May 15, 2021 -- Identify all animals in 4-H Online (4-H) or FFA ID Google Form (FFA).  Help sheets can be found below.
  • Static exhibits only need to do FairEntry

2. Fair Entry: https://southerniowafair.fairentry.com

  • June 1 -- Fair Entry Opens for Livestock, Static, & Communications
  • July 1 -- Livestock and Small Animal & Communications Event Fair Entry Deadline
  • July 9 -- Bucket/Bottle Calf, Goat, & Lamb Fair Entry Deadline (packets are also due by July 9)
  • July 15 -- Static (non-livestock) & Horticulture Fair Entry Deadline


Family Entry Help Sheet - This is the help sheet for 4-H & FFA entries.




Logging into FairEntry - This video helps 4-H families learn how to log into FairEntry to begin entering animals/exhibits for all 4-H members in their family.

Registering in FairEntry - This video helps FFA families learn how to set up an account.  4-H families can begin watching at :55 to learn about registering animals.  This could be used as a supplement to the Help Sheet.



2021 4-H & FFA Schedule of Fair Events

2021 4-H Schedule of Fair Events

Events will be added as they are confirmed and approved.  This schedule is tentative and subject to change due to pandemic restrictions, conflicts, and weather.

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Exhibiting at the Fair Info

Help Me! Guide for the Southern Iowa Fair 2021




Exhibiting Livestock at the Fair Info


Exhibiting Livestock Information

Livestock Summary - read this to find out what you need for your specific species


Livestock Exhibiting Information page, click HERE

This page includes FFA Livestock Identification Links, Livestock Affidavit Forms, Advanced Cattle Feeder Pen Record Spreadsheet, Advanced Lamb Feeder Pen Record Spreadsheet, Premise ID information, State Fair Livestock links, Specific species details, and 4-H & FFA Bucket/Bottle Packets


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2021 Southern Iowa Fair Forms


Static Exhibit Class Numbers - *Class Numbers changed in 2020* 

This sheet will help you to determine the class number(s) for your Fair Exhibit(s).


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Bucket/Bottle Calf & Bottle Lamb/Goat Packets

More than 1 Calf/Lamb/Goat may be Identified by May 15, but only 1 Calf, 1 Lamb, and 1 Goat may be exhibited at the fair! 
Packets can be found on our Livestock Exhibiting Information page at https://www.extension.iastate.edu/mahaska/page/livestock-exhibiting-information.

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Non-Livestock Forms & Information


Non-Livestock Exhibiting Information - This information will help you to prepare for exhibiting non-livestock exhibits on SATURDAY, July 17.


Exhibit Record (Goal Sheet) - This sheet MUST BE USED for each static exhibit you bring to Exhibit Judging on Saturday, July 17, with the exception of Photography, which uses a different form.  Clothing/Sewing, Home Improvement, and Visual Arts exhibits require Design Element/Art Principle explanations, which can be added on a separate sheet or on the back of this sheet. 


Exhibit Record (Goal Sheet) Tips



Exhibit Record (Goal Sheet) Tips Video -

Click here to watch a YouTube video that explains how to complete your Exhibit Record (Goal Sheet) for the fair. 


Printable Entry Tags - You can print your own entry tags at home and attach them to your exhibits prior to checking in at the fair.


Entry Form - Every 4-H member exhibiting regular exhibits at the fair is required to fill out this sheet.


CLOVER KIDS Goal Sheet - Clover Kids are limited to 5 exhibits in the Exhibit Hall.  Each exhibit must also include a Clover Kids Goal Sheet.


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Food & Nutrition Exhibit Information

4-H Food Exhibits Guide - This guide explains all of the foods that are acceptable and unacceptable exhibits for fair.  It was updated in January of 2020, so please use this instead of the former Inappropriate Foods Guide.  If you are still unsure after reviewing this document, please call the ISU AnswerLine at 1-800-262-3804.  If in doubt, call the Answer Line!


Canned Food Labels - Any canned food exhibit requires this label.


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Design Elements & Art Principles Help Sheets

Design Elements & Art Principles Posters - VERY HELPFUL VISUAL AID!
Design Elements & Art Principles Brochure for Clothing

Design Elements & Art Principles Brochure for Home Improvement

Design Elements & Art Principles Info
Design Elements & Art Principles Help Sheets for Clothing, Home Improvement & Visual Art exhibits.


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Poster & Display Box Information

Posters & Display Boxes Information - If you plan to use a poster or display box with your exhibit, please use this information to ensure your exhibit fits the required dimensions. 


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Copyright Information and Forms

Copyright Permission Information & Letter - Must be reviewed and completed for any exhibit in which copyright may be an issue. (typically for Visual Arts/Home Improvement classes)

Copyright Information Website (copyright Kids)

Copyright Guidelines for 4-H


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Pinterest Source Help Sheet

Pinterest to Original Source in 3 Easy Steps - If you are using Pinterest for your 4-H Exhibit, please use this document to site the original source.  DO NOT use www.Pinterest.com as your source!


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Photography Exhibit Information

4-H Photography Exhibit Label - All photos being exhibited require this form.  Remember, you may only exhibit 4 printed photos and 4 digital photos (total of 8 photos) at the county fair.  This label takes the place of a goal card for Photography Exhibits ONLY.

4-H Photography Tip Sheet - Are you planning to exhibit photos at the county fair?  This sheet will help you to complete your photography exhibit label.  The Tip Sheet is used by judges to make sure they are learning everything they can about your photography exhibit.


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Horticulture Exhibiting Information

Horticulture Tips Website - https://www.extension.iastate.edu/4h/projects/horticulture


Southern Iowa Fair 4-H Horticulture Judging Tips 2021

4H 464 - Preparing Cut Flowers and Houseplants for Exhibits

4H 462 - Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit

Horticulture Exhibit Entry Form - All Horticulture exhibits (flowers/vegetables) must be entered using this sheet. 


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Poster Communications Entry Form


2021 Poster Exhibit Entry Form - All Communications: Posters being exhibited require this form. 



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Clothing Event Forms

Junior/Intermediate Clothing Event Report Form - This is required to be filled out by Junior/Intermediate Member.  Bring with you to Judging.  The report form for the Style Show does not need to be completed.

Senior Clothing Event Report Form - This is required to be filled out by Senior 4-H Member.  Bring with you to Judging.  The report form for the Style Show does not need to be completed.

Clover Kids Clothing Event Report Form - This is required to be filled out by Clover Kids member.  Bring with you to Judging.


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Communications Event

Communications Registration will take place in FairEntry in 2021.

Share-the-Fun Info Form

Share-the-Fun Critique Form

Educational Presentation Report Form

Educational Presentation Evaluation Form

Extemporaneous Speaking Evaluation

Working Exhibit Report Form

Working Exhibit Evaluation Form


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2020 Mahaska County


Award Applications are due by


Award Interviews for Outstanding Awards will be held on Saturday, October 24 starting at 9 AM.


4-H Awards Nomination Form - this form has replaced all of the individual award application forms

Mahaska County Make a Difference Award Nomination Form

Mahaska Chamber Community Service Award Application Information

4-H Club Secretary's Book Award Application

4-H Club Treasurer's Book Award Application

4-H Club Historian's Book Award Application

Longtime Record Keeping Award




RECORD BOOK CHECK LIST - Please use this form to ensure your record book contains everything needed.  Items to NOT include are listed on the second page.


My 4-H Goal Calendar


Record Keeping Information - update coming soon!


Yearly 4-H Summary (PDF)

Yearly 4-H Summary (editable - Word)

4-H Participation Summary (all years in 4-H)


Basic 4-H Project Record

Experienced 4-H Project Record

Advanced 4-H Project Record


4-H Record Keeping Self Evaluation(PDF)

4-H Record Keeping Self Evaluation (editable - Word)


General Livestock Project Worksheets


4-H Market Animal Project Worksheet

Market Animal Project Record Sheet for Juniors

4-H Breeding Animal Project Worksheet

4-H Breeding Animal Record Sheet for Juniors


4-H Beef Cow Lifetime Record

4-H Ewe Lifetime Record

4-H Swine Lifetime Record

4-H Poultry Flock Record Forms

4-H Poultry Market Broiler Worksheet

Dairy Animal Project Worksheet

Dairy Cow Lifetime Record

Dairy Goat Lifetime Record

4-H Horse & Pony Project Worksheet

Dog Permanent Record Form

Dog Expense Sheet

Rabbit Project Worksheet

Llama (Leased) Project Record

Llama (Owned) Project Record


Non-Livestock Project Worksheets

4-H Photography Project Worksheet

4-H Vegetable Garden Project Worksheet

4-H Flower Gardening Project Worksheet


Clover Kids Record Worksheet - can be completed and turned in to the Extension office by October 1 for special Clover Kids Recognition


You can find the WORD version of many of these forms and other forms by visiting /4H/recordkeeping.htm

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