Soil Testing Resources

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Soil Testing Resources - Information on how to take a soil sample in your lawn or garden.
In December 2017 the Iowa State University Soil Laboratory closed it doors.  Due to continued need for soil testing services by our clients, we are now forwarding our clients to the University of Minnesota Soil Testing and Research Analytical Laboratory.   This is because it is a public university and as a convenience, you have the free choice to choose a different university laboratory or private lab. Soil Testing Resources.  If you wish to use another lab, please consult the IDALs listing of certified labs,  It can be found at the IDALS website, commerical fertilizer bureau.
A free paper copy of the resources listed below is available as a Soil Testing Kit at the Mahaska County Extension Office.
The first step is to take the soil sample(s).  Instruction Sheet for Taking a Soil Sample
After taking a soil sample from your yard or garden, you will need to print and fill out a Soil Sample Submission Sheet.  Send this sheet along with your soil sample(s) and the fee, to a soil testing laboratory. This form is for The University of Minnestoa, you may choose another laboratory. A list of certified labs in Iowa is found at
After a few weeks, you will receive a soil sample report from the laboratory.  This is an example Example Soil Test Report.
For any questions in relation to taking and submitting a soil sample, please contact Suzette Striegel, at the ISU Extension and Outreach Mahaska County office by email or phone 641-673-5841.

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