Financial Records a Mess?!

Your financial habits often need a tune up. Human Sciences Extension & Outreach offers several free tools to help. During tax preparation time we often find that we need to keep better records and your tax professional may have advised tracking an expense. To track spending you can download and print the Money Management Calendar. Created by our Extension Partners in Alabama the calendar is an easy to use record book to record fixed and flexible spending and lay the ground work to create a spending plan. Accurate records recorded in less than 30 minutes a month will make it easier to gather the required information to file your 2017 Taxes.
If your tax professional also advised you to increase your contributions to retirement accounts, you may find the Retirement Secure Your Future series a helpful source of information to learn about retirement account options and make sound choices.
Take Control of Your Money is a free online course which focuses on five key steps in managing money and additional information on three special topics: dealing with debt, building financial security, and family communication about money. It includes a downloadable Excel file to track spending. The course is designed for you to use at your own can pick and choose the topics that will be most useful to you.
If you want to stay current on changes in family finances or would like quick tips to improve your overall understanding of money management, consider signing up for the Money Tips blog. The weekly blog is a short update covering financial changes, news and best practices.

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