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We are always looking for sponsors for the 4-H & FFA portion of the Southern Iowa Fair.  To provide a quality experience for the youth, we hire judges with experience and training in youth development for our exhibiting classes.  The judges that we hire come at a price and we are in need of 4-H and FFA Fair Judge Sponsors.  The average livestock judge’s fee is around $250.00 and the average non-livestock judge’s fee is around $150.00.  Last year, the 4-H and FFA judges’ fees totaled over $4,000. 
Another cost of the youth shows at the Southern Iowa Fair is premiums.  Each 4-H and FFA member receives money for the ribbons they earn.  Purple and blue ribbons are $2.00 each, red ribbons are $1.00 each, and white ribbons are $.50 each.  Last year, the premium payout for 4-H and FFA youth was just under $3,500.00. 
The final cost of the youth shows at the Southern Iowa Fair is awards and recognition.  Trophies, banners, plaques, and ribbons are awarded to those who do very well in their fair classes.  These materials are purchased early and locally to save on the cost but still end up costing quite a bit.  The awards and recognition items have been paid for by local sponsors in the past.  We are no longer asking for specific trophy donors, but are asking for 4-H and FFA Youth Show Sponsors.  Last year, we spent over $5,000.00 on trophies, plaques and ribbons.
We have set up sponsorship levels for the 4-H and FFA Youth Shows Fund and the levels are as follows:

Platinum - $1000.00 and above
Gold - $500.00-$999.00
Silver - $250.00-$499.00
Bronze - $125.00-$249.00
Contributing - $75.00-$124.00

Each sponsor will be listed on the 4-H and FFA Youth Show Sponsors board at the Southern Iowa Fair (outside of the sale ring near the Pavilion), on posters that will be posted around the fairgrounds, on 4-H and Extension ads leading up to and following the fair, on show orders at the Southern Iowa Fair, on 4-H social media pages, and will be announced during the 4-H and FFA livestock shows during the fair.
We would like to visit with you to discuss the sponsorship opportunities.  This campaign is a way to directly support the 4-H & FFA youth of Mahaska County.  If you are interested in sponsoring 4-H and FFA Youth Shows, please let us know by calling 641/673-5841 or emailing vermeerA@iastate.edu or completing the form below.
2020 Sponsorship Form
2019 Sponsors

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