Extension Council

The Mahaska County Extension Council, county staff and ISU Extension and Outreach staff work together to provide research-based learning opportunities for our citizens. Through this partnership, we carry Iowa State University’s land-grant mission across Mahaska County.

Mahaska County programs are committed to providing education and resources for:

  • Becoming a scientist or engineer is not easy, but Iowa teens are getting hands-on experience.
  • In only seven weeks, a child can learn how to stay away from alcohol and drugs.
  • Starting conversations that lead to farm business transitions from one generation to the next is hard – we help get them started.
  • Schools and restaurants are trained to safely prepare nutritious foods.
  • Families are learning how to prepare healthy, economical meals.
  • Foods grown and marketed locally boost the local economy and fulfill consumer demands
  • Our communities are more sustainable.
  • Businesses get individualized support they need to grow.
  • Farmers depend on us for the latest crop production research.

We can anticipate trends, build relationships, and catalyze opportunities because we are part of the ongoing life of our communities, committed to healthy people, healthy environments, and healthy economies.

The staff at the Mahaska County Extension office, and indeed all of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, are dedicated to providing the citizens of Iowa informal education and research-based, accurate information. We provide this education and information in a number of ways:

  •      through telephone inquiries 
  •      consultations in our office (and occasionally in your place of business) 
  •      through radio and television - frequent news releases and interviews to the media 
  •      through newspapers - news releases and special feature articles 
  •      through social media - news releases, special feature articles, videos and photos
  •      public meetings, workshops, and conferences - we do a lot of this! 
  •      on the Internet - That's where you're reading this now! 
  •      newsletters 
  •      printed publications and research reports 
  •      teaming up with other agencies and organizations 
  •      training people who in turn train other people - such as our Master Gardener program 
  •      referring people to other information and education providers 
  •      consultations with community leaders 

Council Members

(Number) is the year the term expires

  • Joy Prothero
    Oskaloosa, IA
  • Stacey Scott
    Oskaloosa, IA
  • Gary Engel
    New Sharon, IA
  • Alice Bowling
    Oskaloosa, IA
  • Merle Mann
    Oskaloosa, IA
  • Andy Padgett
    Oskaloosa, IA
  • Mike Sytsma
    Oskaloosa, IA
  • Seth Van Zante
    Fremont, IA