At Home Learning Resources

This page includes a variety of resources available to youth and families to engage in learning at home in a wide range of topics & project areas.


Iowa 4-H Resource Page


The links below are needed for our 4-H At Home Learning Activity Calendar

Cooking with Kids: Spend Smart. Eat Smart is part of the ISU Extension and Outreach Human Sciences Food & Nutrition program area.  Their website includes access to healthy, budget-friendly recipes, shopping tips, exercise tips, and much more!
Blueberry Pancakes
Fruit Smoothies
Scrambled Egg Muffins
Fruit Pizza
Mission to Mars: Many activities are part of the Discover 4-H Mission to Mars Clubs curriculum from Utah State University Extension & 4-H.
Astronaut Pudding in a Bag
Spaghetti Rocket
Storytime with Astronauts
Human Body/Grossology: These activities have been a hit at our day camps over the past 10 years.  These activities are either part of or influenced by the books Grossology and Animal Grossology by Sylvia Branzei.
Tongue Mapping - Liquid examples: Lemon juice, apple juice, salt water, yogurt, milk.
Kitchen Science:  These are ever-popular activities we've completed at many events over the years.  Kitchen Science Wednesdays give you an opportunity to get in your kitchen and look at food a different way! 
Homemade Butter -
Cook a Doodle Doo story
Lemon Volcanoes
Rock Candy
Ice Cream in a Bag
STEAMblast: These activities have been super successful at our various 4-H events, including Day Camps, in-school programs, and Maker Club sessions.  Steve Spangler Science is a great resource we use frequently.  His experiments include connections to Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Benchmarks & Standards.
Bouncing Bubbles
Growing Crystals
Wrapper Worm
Electric Cornstarch
At-Home Workouts & Mindfulness: These are great for anyone to do, not just kiddos! 
Cardio Interval
Body Scan
Beginner Strength Training
4-H Yoga
Get Outside: A great time to get out and enjoy some fresh air and experience nature!
Penny Walk
Outdoor Adventures - This hot sheet gives you lots of ideas to get outside and active
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Planting Seeds - Seed Dissection

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