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Katherine Bowman Scholarship - Due July 7th
Pork Producers Scholarship - Due April 15th
Cattlemen's Scholarship - Due April 1st
Bonnie & Leroy Songer Memorial Scholarship - Due September 19th
Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarship - Due March 1st

Landus Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship - Due February 24
Uncommon Student Award Scholarship 

Madison County Awards and Recognition

Rules and Regulations for Award Applications

  • Awards are based on the work done during the 4-H year: September 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022. Members have no limits on the number of awards they can apply for. 
  • Award applications can be found below, but are also available at the Extension Office.
  • Supplemental Information is defined as  photographs, clippings, and other documentation showing what you’ve done in the award category during the year. 
  • Awards will be presented in November 2022.

Madison County Awards and Recognition

Recognition & Award Guides

View Recognition & Awards Guide

View Awards & Record Keeping Powerpoint


All Life Skills, Scholarship and Intermediate and Senior Gold Project award applicants will participate in an interview appropriate for the grade level. Applicants will be contacted for available interview times.

Individual Awards and Recognition

Recipients must be a Madison County 4-H member in 4-12 grade who has paid their enrollment fee & completed a minimum of 6 hours of 4-H education in the previous year. Recognition will be received if award criterion is met.

Participation Award

Participation Award Forms

Participation Award Application 2021-22.doc

Participation Award Application 2021-22.pdf

Project Award

Project Award Form

Project Award Application 2021-22.doc

Project Award Application 2021-22.pdf

To Make The Best Better Award

To Make the Best Better Award Form

To Make the Best Better Application 2021-22.doc

To Make the Best Better Application 2021-22.pdf

Major Life Skills Awards

Major Life Skills Award Form

Major Life Skills Application 2021-22.doc

Major Life Skills Application 2021-22.pdf

Bonnie & Leroy Songer Memorial Scholarship

Songer Scholarship Form

Songer Scholarship Application 2021-22.doc

Songer Scholarship Application 2021-22.pdf

Good Standing Graphic

In order to apply for awards, exhibitors must accumulate a minimum of 6 educational "hours". This can include a mix of club meetings, community service activities, and other educational opportunities. The Extension Office has final approval on whether 4-Hers are in "good standing" and are eligible to receive awards.  

Club & Community Awards

Recipients must be individual adults, businesses, community organizations, or non 4-H members who has contributed to and/or improved Madison County 4-H.  These competitive awards will be selected by a committee.

Friends of 4-H Award

Friend of 4-H Forms

Friend of 4-H Application 2021-22.docx

Friend of 4-H Application 2021-22.pdf

4-H Family of the Year 

4-H Family of the Year Forms

4-H Family of the Year 2021-22.doc

4-H Family of the Year 2021-22.pdf

4-H Alumni of the Year

4-H Alumni Forms

4-H Alumni Application 2021-22.docx

4-H Alumni Application 2021-22.pdf

4-H Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year Forms

Volunteer of the Year 2021-22.docx

Volunteer of the Year 2021-22.pdf

Partner in 4-H Award 

Partner in 4-H Forms

Partner in 4-H Application 2021-22.docx

Partner in 4-H Application 2021-22.pdf

Club Awards & Recognition

Bronze, Silver and Gold Club Participation

Recipients must be a community or special interest Madison County 4-H club in good standing. Recognition will be received if award criterion is met.

Club Participation Award Application 2021-22.pdf