Winter Sports Information

Important Info Regarding Winter Sports Trips/Activities!

Tis’ the season for 4-H club sledding and skiing trips. There are three important things to remember for proper insurance and risk management:

1. Obtain approval for trip/activity from Madison County Extension Office. Call 515.462.1001 or email

2. Take out Special Activities coverage through American Income Life. The regular $1/yr/member coverage does not include downhill winter activities, but coverage is provided through the Special Activities program. For events on or after January 1, 2012, AIL has new plan coverage levels. In case of accident, the new plan will provide benefits at the coverage level chosen. (Option A, B, or C at 20, 25, or 30 cents/day/person respectively). Given the minor cost difference between Option A and Option C, and considering that when accidents happen during sledding or skiing they can be rather serious, it would seem prudent to insure at the highest level. Applications for Special Activities Coverage are available at Madison County Extension office, or apply for coverage online at: -h-insurance.

3. Participation in Downhill Winter Sports (downhill skiing, tobogganing, bob-sledding, snow tubing, and ice skating) requires the use of an additional waiver. This waiver must be completed by everyone participating in the activity and must be returned to the Extension Office before the activity occurs. You can obtain the Winter Sports Waiver at

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