Planning Food and Nutrition Exhibits for the Fair

Now is a great time for 4-H members to plan ahead for a successful fair experience. The Extension publication “Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs – Quick Reference Guide” contains guidelines to help select an acceptable product for exhibit, find an approved recipe source, and identify the appropriate preparation method. Home preserved food must be prepared using current, tested recipes from sources listed in this publication to qualify as a fair exhibit. Guidelines for baked goods and confections are also reviewed in this publication.
Preserving foods at home is not difficult, but it does require following research-based recipes. See below for links to resources including the Quick Reference Guide. Contact your county office or local Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Sara Sprouse, for more information about other educational opportunities including Food Preservation 101 and Preserve the Taste of Summer workshops.
Food Preservation 101 is a 1 ½ hour program that introduces participants to safe home food preservation methods including canning, dehydrating and freezing. Various food preservation resources are shared during this program and supplies and equipment are displayed. You can even have your dial gauge for a pressure canner tested for free!
Preserve the Taste of Summer is a comprehensive food preservation program that includes both online lessons and hands-on workshops providing the most current USDA-approved food preservation recommendations.  It is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning safe food preservation techniques.  Workshop choices include: hot water bath canning (salsa making) & freezing; jams/jellies & dehydrating; pickle making; and pressure canning.
Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs – Quick Reference Guide -
Food Preservation Publications and Resources -
Iowa 4-H Exhibit Tip Sheet -
AnswerLine– contact and tell them you are calling in reference to a 4-H exhibit.
Relay Iowa (hearing impaired) 1-800-735-2942
Monday through Friday
9 a.m.-noon, 1-4 p.m.

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