Extension Spotlight

Originally from eastern Iowa, I grew up on a farm just south of Dubuque outside of a small river town called Bellevue. The oldest of 7 children, much of my time growing up was spent either around agriculture or on the water. I enlisted in the army when I was 17, and spent the next 13 years meeting people and traveling throughout the world . During that time, I attended Upper Iowa University and received a B.S. in Biology with emphasis in plant genetics and physiology, as well as a B.S. in Conservation Management. After graduating college, I briefly worked for the USDA before finding a job at the time at, Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds. I spent the next 6 years at Pioneer learning about and working with corn and soybean hybrid lines trying to develop successful traits for drought tolerance and nitrogen usage efficiency. Then one day, I heard about an opening at Iowa State University. The opening was for an Agricultural Specialist within their Research and Demonstration Farms department. Gratefully, I was selected for the position and spent the next 2 years working with Iowa State researchers and extension professionals. Since the spring of 2018, that has led to my current position as an Extension Field Specialist or Agronomist. In this role, I focus on education and assistance in Agronomic Crop Production. This includes but is certainly not limited to: growing and sustaining crops and pastures, soil fertility, pest management, pesticide management and safety, as well as soil and water quality. Additionally, I help coordinate and host an array of meetings including: Private Pesticide Applicator Continuation, Manure Applicator Certification, Crop Advantage Series, Ag Chemical Dealer Updates as well as special seasonal meetings such as the drought meetings that were held this summer. I’m currently working on my Master’s Degree in Agronomy from Iowa State and hope to have it completed within the next couple years. My wife, Sarah and I have 3 children and currently live in Louisa County. I look forward to meeting and working with everyone in Southern and Southeast Iowa more in the future.

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