Coming in October-Raising School-Ready Readers

As parents, our lives are so crazy.  Even though we know it's important to help our young children get ready for school with lots of learning, it's hard to carve out time every day to do it.  The Raising School Ready Readers program focuses on how to incorportate learning into the things you do every day!
If you come to the workshop you will:

  • Learn fun ways to engage your child in literacy play
  • Find out how to turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities
  • Build literacy skills that will help your child become a good reader, writer, speaker, and listener
  • Enjoy high quality time with your child            

In October, join us for five weeks of fun and learning for you and your child.  Get the skills you need to help turn everyday tasks into learning opportunities for your little ones!  If you are interested call the Lucas County Extension Office, 641-774-2016 to register.  
No cost involved!

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