Clover Kids

Welcome to Lucas County Clover Kids!

Clover Kids is a 4-H program for youth in Kindergarten through 3rd grade! Clover Kids is designed to help build life skills at a young age and has many learning benefits as well. This program is a starting point into 4-H for youth who are not yet old enough for a traditional 4-H Club. Clover Kids promotes positive development, learning growth, and teamwork.

Elephant Tooth Paste Experiment

Clover Kids Experimenting with Elephant Tooth Paste


4-H Clover Kids

4-H Clover Kids

Lucas County 4-H Clover Kids is held on the first Monday of every month at 4pm at the Lucas County Extension Office. Clover Kids is lead by our amazing club leader Jodee Jorgenson. Please reach out to the Extension Office with any question or for information on how to sign up for Clover Kids.

4-H Clover Kids Equation

Clover Kids Equation

Is your child graduating from Clover Kids?

Don't let the fun end here! Your child can continue their 4-H experience by joining a 4-H Club!

Graduating Clover Kids


A list of 4-H Clubs can be found on the Join 4-H tab.

By joining a club youth get to:

  • Attend club meetings
  • Exhibit at the county fair
  • Meet new friends
  • Have new experiences
  • Help others in their club and community
  • Share their ideas with the club
  • Strengthen their communication skills
  • Have fun with other 4-H'ers at camps, workshops and fair