Poultry Broiler Project

Special Poultry Broiler Project

Any 4-H or FFA member in Louisa County will be able to purchase 15 broilers from the Louisa County Extension office. 
All broilers will be from the same hatchery and will arrive on the same day – the week of June 1st at the Extension office.
Youth are required to bring 3 broilers to the county fair for the fair class plus 1 alternate.
The project will be evaluated 50% on live standards and 50% on records (which includes the broiler records and an interview during fair).
Record forms will be distributed at chick pick-up day and are due at the fair Poultry check-in.
The brochures/order form may be downloaded here and are available at the Louisa County Extension Office.
Orders are due by April 23rd

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